Image Recognition

No Memory Read/Write to the Game
Looks for Color on Player Outlines


Create and Tweak your own Profiles and
Dominate your Opponents


Free Updates with new Features and Improvements

  • Extremely efficient Code - NO FPS Drops
  • Very Fast - under 15ms Response Time
  • Lightweight Client with great GUI
  • Secure - Private Builds
  • No Update needed after Patch, always works
  • Works amazing with Hitscan Heroes
  • Powerful Default Profile
  • Up to 60% Accuracy even on High Ranks
  • Looks absolutely Legit
  • Easy Rank Climbing
  • All Resolutions & Aspect Ratios Supported
  • Fullscreen Supported
  • Every Parameter Customizable
  • App updates automatically
  • Every Setting explained within the App
  • No Subscription! Pay once for Permanent Access.

Frequently asked questions

It’s very unlikely to get banned using Gunslinger. It is designed in every way possible to fly under the Radar of Detection mechanisms.

Gunslinger works fully external by Image Recognition and does not interact with the game itself in any way.

Also unlike Aimbots the Cheat looks extremely legit so Bans by User Reports are also very unlikely.

We’ve been using variations of this software for many months around 4000 (GM)

Be aware though, that it will still require much effort and Skill. Gunslinger can Support you on important Kills.

Yes! The Bot has been tested for Months without a single ban.

No. Gunslinger is custom coded from scratch in a high-level programming language.

Gunslinger uses advanced measurments like Code Obfuscation and Kernel-Level Hotkey hooks to avoid any kind of detection by Anti-Cheat software. Some AntiVirus softwares consider this a Trojan since it listens for Hotkey Events, so it might give you a warning.

Gunslinger is 100% Virus and Malware free.

Even the most humanlike looking Aimbots often result in a Ban since the Serverside detection Algorithms got updated. Also aimbots never look fully legit. 

Future Updates might include a very subtle Aim Assist.

This Software’s goal is looking legit and reaching higher ranks without getting caught.

You still need Skill to Win games, Gunslinger will not carry you by itself.

All Resolutions and Aspect Ratios are supported.

Yes, Windowed Fullscreen and Fullscreen Modes are supported.

Unfortunetly no refunds are possible at this Time.

Gunslinger has a built in AutoUpdater, you will get Software Updates automatically.

Need Help?

Discord: PowerSmurf#9434

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